Prescription Drugs

Manufacturing Equipment

Omshri Labs specializes in processing APIs, Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals. We supply custom manufacturing services from facilities in Kota, Rajasthan; Hyderabad, Telangana; and Bangalore, Karnataka. Our expertise is in batch chemical reaction processing.

Manufacturing Equipment

Stainless Steel Reactors: 1.5 KL, 3.0 KL, 5.0 KL

High Vacuum Distillation Reactor: 1 KL

Glass Lined Reactors: 2.5 Kl, 4 KL

All Glass Reactors: 50 L, 100 L

Hydrogenators: 600 L, 2.5 KL

Centrifuges: 48”

Fluid Bed Tract: 150 Kg/Hr

Steam Dryers

Support Equipment



Filter Press

Candy Filters

Leaf Filters


Boiler Unit

Chiller Unit

RO Water Plant

Storage Tanks: Aluminum, Mild Steel

Specialized Cells

Chemical Testing and Analytical Lab

Clean Room for API Processing



Not seeing what you're looking for?

If you do not see the compound you are looking for, contact OmShri Specialty Chemical Division about producing a custom specialty product for your application.